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1. Using the data portal:

The user is free to browse the data portal as a whole, having consent to download and use any information graphs and any other related information provided by UNEP-DHI and its partners displayed on the data portal only for personal or non-commercial purposes. The use of any content of the data portal for commercial purposes is forbidden without authorization. Copyrights, logos and proprietary signs should be keep intact when directly reproducing any information from the data portal. UNEP-DHI assumes no responsibility for the consequences that the use of any material or actions performed by the user based on any information in the data portal can have, and the user is responsible to verify any information provided in the data portal. Moreover you give your warranty that the data portal or any information or material obtained through it will not be used for any unlawful or immoral purposes. The materials submitted by the user will be used without any obligation or liability regarding property rights and could be used or linked by the editors of the data portal for any purpose, and at the same time the user warrant that is the owner, author of the submitted content or has full consent from the owners to submit it. The user is responsible of any unlawful, defamatory or libelous posted or submitted to the data portal.

2. Third party materials

There may be incorporated information and materials from third party organizations in this website, as well as links provided to third party sites. UNEP-DHI and its partners are not responsible for any of this content and the user is requested to comply with the requirements, terms and conditions for this third party materials. The use of the data portal imply also the acceptance of third party terms and conditions. Third party sites are also requested to provide only links to the main page of the data portal.

3. Intellectual property

UNEP-DHI reserve any right of the texts, graphs, data, maps and any other information or items on the data portal that which in turn are protected by copyright. Moreover some of the names and logos both from UNEP-DHI and partners and from third party organizations are protected trademarks. The copy, adaptation or modification or any other use of the website protected elements is strictly forbidden. Additionally the user is encouraged to take care of the materials and information used from the data portal and may not permit any modification, translation or adaptation from third party sites without the direct consent from the editors of the data portal.

4. Liability

Under no circumstances UNEP-DHI, any of its partners or third parties involved in the data portal can be liable for any of the content provided in the data portal, and the use and browsing of the data portal is on the user own risk. UNEP-DHI do not warrant that any material, information, maps or any other service are error free and denies any responsibility for consequences related to a possible error in the data portal. In no event UNEP-DHI could be liable for any damages, loss of profits, or other incidents related to the use of the data portal or any third party materials provided.

5. Content and updates

The content of the data portal is going to be updated periodically and the information and third part materials could be modified without previous notice to the user. UNEP-DHI and its partners do not warrant the accuracy and up to date information displayed in the data portal.

6. Disclaimers

Data portal maps and spider diagrams are based solely on data retrieved from 2007 (status report produced for UNCSD) and 2011 (status report produced by UN-Water for the Rio+20 Summit) country surveys. Under these surveys, progress on implementation of IWRM has been reported by official country representatives using a common survey questionnaire, therefore all scores for years 2007 and 2011 are based on country self-assessment.

For purposes of tracking progress along the different dimensions of IWRM from year 2007 to year 2011, a number of relevant questions were selected from both surveys that were deemed comparable in their content and context. The scores are only to be viewed as a general indication of status and progress across the specific dimension of IWRM, and any specific aspects can be explored via scores of the individual questions, supplied with country resources and further more in-depth investigations.

The country borders displayed in the data portal main page is the data available from GeoCommons KML Countries and do not imply any opinion from the editors or the involved organizations about the status of any country or territory regarding the limits of its borders.

7. Cookies

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